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Landschaft mit Strasse.jpg


PHOTO PRINT: The lights of BER

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Size: 24cm x 19,2cm

Photographed in Berlin, 2012. Beautifully printed with archival ink on TECCO Fine Art RAG 295g. Edition of 100. 

Signed and numbered.

I photographed this landscape for the carte blanche page of @m_magazine in 2012. They chose to print one of my other pictures, but I have always also liked this one. The nightly scene is lit by the lights of several storage buildings that are part of the "new" airport in Berlin which was meant to open in 2012 but is still not finished due to corruption and screwups like escalators that were ordered in the wrong size. The street was brandnew at the time I took the photo. The trees and flowers look like spectators to me that are ready to give an applause, but are ok to wait a few more more years.

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The lights of BER